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Confirmation Mass: October 18, 3pm at main Church 

Dress Code (there will be no robes this year): 

Boys: Dark pants (black, navy, brown) and white button-up dress shirt. 

Girls: All white (Dress/skirts are to be below the knee. You may wear white pants with a white dress shirt. Please no spaghetti straps or mid-drift shirts)

Letter to parents:  <CLICK AQUI PARA ESPAÑOL> 

Dear Parents,

Here is some more information for the Confirmation Mass leading up to the date.

All students must attend Mass every weekend leading up to the Confirmation day. Attendance will be taken every Mass as there will be a specified person to take down names. The student must make sure that the catechist see’s them and signs their name.

Confessions will be scheduled on October 14, 15,16 from 6-7pm. Please let me know what day works best for your child so I can schedule them as soon as possible. Slots fill up quickly. You will need to make sure you signed that you went as well.

For the day of Confirmation Mass, the only people that are allowed to attend the Mass is the Confirmandee, the parents, and the 1 sponsor. Any other person will not be allowed to enter. This is to limit the number of people we have in a gathering. Thank you for your understanding. The Mass will be televised via YouTube. Please visit our YouTube and subscribe so you can get the notification.

Dress Code, boys will wear a white button-up dress shirt with dark pants (blue, black, brown). Please no sneakers or hats. Girls will wear all white. Dress/skirts are to be below the knee. You may wear white pants with a white dress shirt. Please no spaghetti straps or mid-drift shirts.

There will be a person taking pictures. Please do not stand up during Mass to take pictures. 

If the Confirmandee does not comply with the above stated, the receiving of the Confirmation sacrament will be delayed.

Thank you,

Melissa Darrosier
Coordinator @ St. Vincent Catholic Church


First Communion:

If your child has not received their First Communion, please call the office to schedule a day/Mass time. This is only for students that have participated 2 years of Religious Education Formation  954 972-0434

To register for new classes please go back to the Home Page and look for Religious Education 2020 and click register.


Be on the lookout for posts on our Facebook page and bulletin for more information.