St. Vincent Catholic Church

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BAPTISMS Registration and guidance is available by appointment with one of the priests in the Church Office two months in advance of administering the sacrament of Baptism. A copy of the birth certificate is required at the time of registration and $50.00 registration fee. For preparation class, please call Suzanne Schweitzer at 954-790-9603 to make arrangements. Baptisms are held the last Sunday of the month at 2:30 pm.

WEDDINGS Couples must make arrangements directly with a priest 6 months in advance. Please call 305-226-4664 to register for your marriage preparation classes.

MINISTRY OF THE SICK Please call the Parish Office (954) 972-0434 to request sick calls for patients at home. If you or someone you know is hospitalized and would like to be vi-sited by the Chaplain, please inform the hospital of your Catholic affiliation. For the anointing of the sick please inform the office ahead of time.